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News & Recent Representations

CW Defeats Motion to Dismiss

Attorney Cutler recently defeated a motion to dismiss brought in a case involving a dispute over the ownership of a certain portion of a condominium.  Judge Sarrouf in his ruling denied the entirety of the defendants’ motion to dismiss and authorized the entirety of the case to proceed.

CW Defeats Summary Judgment Motion

Attorney Cutler recently defeated a complex summary judgment motion brought in the Norfolk Superior Court. This summary judgment motion was brought in an interpleader action whereby the children of the deceased claimed the entirety of his life insurance policy which was taken out while he was married to their ex-stepmother. The children claimed that the ex-stepmother was automatically stricken as a matter of law as a beneficiary when she divorced their father unless the ex-spouse affirmed her as a beneficiary. Attorney Cutler argued that there was only a presumption under the law that could overcome -- the existence of a loan agreement between his client and the deceased. Upon consideration of Attorney Cutler’s written argument and a hearing in open court, Judge Kirpalani agreed with Attorney Cutler’s analysis and denied the children’s summary judgment motion and as a result the case will move forward to trial.  

CW's Attorney Named Super Lawyer For 2018

Attorney Dai has been honored by Super Lawyers as one of the Rising Stars in New England in 2018 for her experience and expertise in Business and Corporate Law.

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