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CW Defeats Summary Judgment -- COVID-19 Immunity Claim

CW’s lead trial counsel recently defeated a summary judgment motion brought by a nursing home care facility whereby the facility claimed it was immune from liability under the COVID-19 Liability Protection Act.  The Worcester Superior Court found that the COVID-19 Liability Protection Act did not apply because the facility was not providing care services to the plaintiff and the motion could not be granted because there was a dispute as to material facts as to whether the facility acted in good faith in its actions towards plaintiff.

Business & Corporate Law

CW Defeats Summary Judgment -- Fraudulent Conveyance Claim

CW’s lead trial counsel recently defeated a complex summary judgment motion against its client in Middlesex Superior Court claiming the mislabeling of a business bank account as a payroll account constituted a violation of law.

Business & Corporate Law

CW Defeats Motion to Dismiss

Attorney Cutler recently defeated a motion to dismiss brought in a case involving a dispute over the ownership of a certain portion of a condominium.  Judge Sarrouf in his ruling denied the entirety of the defendants’ motion to dismiss and authorized the entirety of the case to proceed.

Business & Corporate Law

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